More Tutorials Coming

That’s right, more tutorials, over 150 I know of have been sitting on our
allowed list for the last few days. Also just so you know about what weve been doing in the last few days, check out this little list I composed:

-Submission Option List Fixed
Yes yes, we had some suggestions asking that the option list for subcategories be torn down and broken into smaller parts for easier distinction in finding category and subcategory, and yes, this has been completed. Ive tested it in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, so I feel it should be safe for the rest of our incoming visitors on other browsers.

-Category Images In IE Fixed
Robert (I’m Alfredn) took the time to replace the background of the png images with a solid color simply because of IE’s problems with handling a transparent background from a PNG format. They look pretty seamless now, and probably did not change anything for our Mozilla Firefox users (including me).

-Improved Loading Time
Remember when our website was sluggish and awfully slow? So slow, you could go through your playlist and find your favorite song long? 6 seconds, was about our average a few days ago until the 15th of August (Last Post) we found out what was slowing our website down drastically; a text ad from RevenuePilot.

-Placed a Two-Hour Delay on New Tutorials Additions
This was done to give each and every tutorial a fair chance to gain some hits on the front page. So if you submit a tutorial from now on, it will be on the front page at least 2X15(Guaranteed)= 30 Hours, or 2 Days and 6 Hours. Not bad huh?

And no we have not forgotten about our earlier developments listed on our “What’s Ahead for T-I” blog. Take a look at whats going on:

-RSS Feeds
We’ve thought about it, and yes they will be coming soon, if we can catch good time they can hopefully be done by the end of the week!

-Rating System
We are still working on this, however, we have come upon more new ideas for a rating system that may be even more complex that before. Stay tuned, stay aware!

Most likely we will release a module in the coming weeks, but it will not be up to the standards I will like it to be. After this module, maybe in a few months something more in detail and in-depth will be lurking your way; perhaps earlier than that.

-Improved Browsing
We are working on browsing right now, probably in a day or two, you will be able to sort categories and search results, just the fact of making our backend a little more flexible.

And there you have it, pretty much a good roundup of what’s happening around here. Also, one more thing, if you are interested in advertising, a few people are at the moment, then we will be accepting applications on Saturday (August 26th), and there will be a paypal link on the bottom of the advertising page. If you have any more questions be sure to use the contact form on the contact page or contact us at


August 21, 2006


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