Our Favorite Free Tutorials of the Week

Our Favorite Free Tutorials of the Week 1In case you are new to our blog or are just emerging from the holiday mist, don’t miss our latest posts on Summer Comeback Tutorials, tutorials on how to keep the summer creativity active and play around with your summer photographs, and our post on Design Halloween Invitations, great recommendations to help you create the coolest invites ever.

This week we have had a series of interesting tutorials come in, I will give you a selection of our favorites, we have limited space but there are many more tutorials online so feel free to browse Tutorial-Index.com and find what suits your needs best.

  • I love this tutorial that takes you step by step on how to Reveal an Image with your Mouse, a great technique that is fun and useful, will keep your friends and followers in suspense ad they try to figure out what image they are about to see.
  • I also like this tutorial that teaches you how to Animate an Image Along a Path, in this case they have used a teapot, and I can imagine the effect to be very cool once it has been applied to your final work. Check it out, great to play with and create different paths for objects to move around in.
  • This is a simple tutorial and quite a classical one, some of you may take it as a given but others may not; how to Erase Tattoos with Photoshop perfect technique to erase tattoos or imperfections which you may not wish to reveal in your photos.

I hope you enjoy our recommendations, and let me say, don’t be shy! We would love to hear from you and see what great pieces of creative work you are coming up with.

September 9, 2010


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