Sitewide Optimization

If you have noticed, we have changed the sidebar over to a faster alternative ajax. This was one of our alternatives when we first made our layout but because of the fact that the site has been gaining more visitors, speed is becoming more and more of a priority.

As a result of the speed, we have reduced some of the php code, and when the new version of ti comes, the site should be a bit faster as well as more efficient. We are cutting down on database use as well as continuously optimizing the pages for speed. In the next month or so the site should be moving onto a faster server with higher response times.

Also with the growth of our site comes more features ^^. We are currently jumbling a bunch of features that we believe may be important to us in the next version of our site. This new version may not come as of yet but, we are still in the early stages of beginning a new compilation for ti. You may see a couple of new pages spring up soon as well.

Lastly, about the forums, it is growing and what comes with growth is moderation. So yes, we are looking for moderators. Send us a message through our contact page.

Advertising Updated
Due to high demand, we have brought advertising back from the dead . It is reincarnated! But yes yes, stop by if you want to gain traffic or more notice to your site. Also, some of the information we have on the page itself is outdated and we will be updating that shortly.


March 14, 2007


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