Spooky Halloween Photomanipulation Wins “Top Tutorial of the Week”

Spooky Halloween Photomanipulation Wins “Top Tutorial of the Week” 1We don’t know (and we don’t even want to guess…) what this year’s Halloween parties taught you, but we do know what you can learn from a great tutorial that won this week’s “Top Tutorial of the Week” Award: Create a Spooky Halloween Photomanipulation, by Jarka Hrncarkova, shows you how to change lights and shadows, use custom brushes, warping objects and create strong focal point. Some “magic” PS techniques you always wanted to be familiar with. Enjoy Jarka’s work and don’t miss the rest of “Top 5 of the week” tutorials we have carefully chosen for you:

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Create an Amazing Card Photo Manipulation: in this tutorial the author manipulates some cards so that the symbols blown away! Don’t play poker with this guy!

Turning Photos into Oil Paintings: turn your photos into oil paintings… and print them on the canvas.

Include a JavaScript file from a JavaScript file: it is easy to include a JavaScript file in your HTML. But what if you wanted to include another external JavaScript file from inside your first external JavaScript file? There are two ways to accomplish this.

November 3, 2010


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