This Week’s Top 5 Tutorials Top 5 Tutorials1. This week our “Best tutorial of the week” Award goes to Blue_Chi for the excellent tutorial on how to use the swipe gesture in Flash mobile applications using ActionScript 3 so that the user can execute a command by swiping his finger across the screen. This feature is supported by every iPhone app created using Flash.

2. Second place is for Daddy Design and their great tutorial that shows how to make digital 8-bit style corners using only CSS. The result is beautiful quick rendering 8-bit style corners requiring zero images. There is only one drawback to using this method: you must use a solid color background in your design.

3. An interesting tutorial from PolygonBlog on how to deal with character rigging in 3D animation takes the third place this week. Character rigging means the process of preparing the character for animation. In this tutorial you’ll learn the basics of using the Morpher and Skin modifiers to manipulate and deform a simple character in 3ds Max 2011.

4. The next place is for Chris and his “Create Quiz in PowerPoint” tutorial. One of Chris’ passions is to add value to each of the presentations that he does during a senior management meeting. In this tutorial he explains how to make an effective and a killer presentation by adding quiz questions and answers in your business presentation.

5. Finally, we have a bunch of SEO tutorials and tips for you. Follow them to get all competitor links using Scrapebox or to get your images indexed by Google Images. You may also want to understand the meta tags and make your website appear top in Search Engine.


November 16, 2010


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