Top 5 Free Tutorials: Design Christmas cards and gift cards and other great Photoshop effects

Top 5 Free Tutorials: Design Christmas cards and gift cards and other great Photoshop effects 1With Christmas round the corner we though we would do a special post on Christmas motives and ideas to use during this season.

Using Adobe Illustrator one of our members has sent us a tutorial on How to Draw a Cute Santa. The result is indeed very cute and it will look great on your season greetings e-cards to friends and family.

Placing many presents under the tree? Well how about designing and personalizing your gift tags? This Photoshop Tutorial takes you step by step to Design Christmas Gift Name Tags, no need to buy them anymore you can use your imagination to design your own. A fun and very personal touch that your loved ones will cherish and greatly appreciate.

The following Tutorials are not Christmas oriented but we think that you can choose your own themes and use seasonal photos to play around with these very cool effects.

This tutorial teaches you how to Create a Cool Effect on your photos, in this case the photo is of a model. But how about playing with your most cherished photographs and using this effect to greet friends and family in this holiday season?

In Photoshop we are taught how to do a Signature Creation from your favorite picture. The example used here is from Star Wars but you can use whichever theme you prefer to a snowed scenery, a Christmas card, or a family picture. Personalize your signature this Christmas!

Last but not least, is our Top Tutorial of the Week: How to Create a Modern Vintage Concept Design in Photoshop. A very studied and well though out tutorial, even though the theme is not Christmas we had to give them the prize. I hope you agree with us and enjoy it as much as we did.

December 16, 2010


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