“Top Tutorial of the Week” Award for Extraordinary Creativity

“Top Tutorial of the Week” Award for Extraordinary Creativity 1This is what is called creativity! Looking at this beautiful underwater scene would you say it is created entirely from a simple picture of… a stethoscope?! Creating such an attractive image requires not only extraordinary creativity but also great Photoshop skills. In case you are not so advanced in PS as Cornelia, the author of this amazing tutorial that wins our “Top Tutorial of the Week” award, she gives you a detailed explanation on how to achieve such an amazing result. It’s a 41 steps tutorial(!) but it is definitely worth your time to follow it carefully from the beginning to the very end.

“Top Tutorial of the Week” Award for Extraordinary Creativity 2Another example of original and creative use of Photoshop we received last week is a “How to Mix Hand Drawing Sketch With Photo” tutorial that shows how to use sketch and combine it with a real picture in PS. As a result you will get a very unique and fantastic effect. Some drawing skills will be needed here… but, hey, who said creating digital art is only question of having basic skills in using your mouse and keyboard?

We also recommend you two very useful Flash tutorials by Blue_Chi, both on how to use ActionScript 3 to make the most of some latest mobile devices’ features. The first one will teach you how to use the geolocation sensor of a smartphone to retrieve the geographical position of the user. Thanks to the second tutorial you will learn how to use the accelerometer sensor in your Android and iPhone mobile Flash projects. These are just the must-to-know for any mobile app developer.

Enjoy all these fantastic tutorials and remember that these are just a few of our favourite this week; you can find a lot lot more at Tutorial-Index.com.

October 4, 2010


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