Top Tutorials on Website Design and Optimization

Top Tutorials on Website Design and Optimization 1

This week’s post will be dedicated to website design and optimization. We have received a few very good tutorials that step by step give you tips and ideas on how to design a website from zero. So let’s begin…

Our first step is designing the website with this tutorial on How to Create a Clean, Minimal Website Design in Photoshop. The outcome is very crisp and visual; it is a good starting point to then personalize your own website and design.

Second step is to highlight the important information on your website, either news or special prices:

You can highlight information in your website with this tutorial on How to Design Classic Website Context Boxes with Photoshop. Very useful and easy to match to your website colour combination.

If you were thinking of selling goods or services, you will need to inform your visitors of your prices and promotions, this tutorial teaches How to Design an Effective Pricing Table using Photoshop.

Third step, and a very important one to consider is creating an effective website that takes no time to upload, this tutorial gives you some tips, 11 Ways to Cut Down on Server Load of Your Website.

Last but not least, today no website is complete without a Blog, we recommend for you this 5 Step Tutorial – How to Start a WordPress Blog.

We hope these tutorials are useful and that you are successful in your website design. The best of luck!

March 10, 2011


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