Topsites Fixed!

Yes, im sorry about that guys, I took the topsites down for a couple of weeks because it was causing some speed problems on the site and I finally got back to it today. Sorry about that .

Lately we have seen a huge increase in visitors and tutorial submission and we highly appreciate it. You shouldn’t have any problems connecting to the site either, as we had a couple weeks ago.

Layout Contest
The layout contest will be over Friday the 9th! Be sure to get your submission in because this is the definite cutoff for submissions for the new layout (this DOES NOT mean that we will use your layout even if you win, most likely we will)!

Updates Coming
I know there are a couple of problems with the member system’s cookies, and we will be putting a bit more effort into trying to figure out the problem. Also, we will be tweaking code a bit over the next week to speed the site up a bit, as well as making it more efficient.


March 6, 2007


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