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Yes, I got tired of seeing the topsites not being updated for a WHOLE week! Bad logic coding on my part, and I’m pretty sure a lot of you will like it better this way. By having the topsites updated daily, it will give other websites in the topsites a chance to actually get in the top three. I’ve been doing some real checking on the sites that have been top 3 and they have been getting quite a few more hits than other sites not in the top 3. So this should help make the topsites a bit more equal.

Also, soon I’ll be adding a new page with a list of the top 20 tutorials, authors, and tags, and they’ll be able to be sorted by clicks, tutorials, etc. Should be a bit more helpful for the guys that don’t know how they stand within our index.

Lastly, we are working on a bigger project as we speak, and we are around always. We just may not seem it . Keep a good lookout, because we will have a nice Christmas present for the constant visitors out there!

December 9, 2006


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