Turning Digital Works Into High Gloss Posters

Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator have broadened artistic horizons by allowing anyone to create digital design, photographs, and art. Yet too often Photoshop is used for little more than digital files, to be stored and displayed in the digital realm. What a waste! The tools necessary for developing attractive images are now widely available.

The world may be increasingly digital, but the presence of art in our daily lives remains one of society’s greatest advantages. The public display of art engages the viewer in a way that a computer screen never will. For those who wish to take their artwork to the next step, the key is in hard copy development.

There are a variety of services that can provide the artist with an archival-quality piece, worthy of display or even sale. High-quality printers will work with you to develop a final production that accentuates your work while preparing it for exhibition and display in the real world. Printing your digital piece has a number of advantages. Keeping a hard copy can defend you from computer crashes. While digital is endlessly repeatable and unlimited in its reproduction, a hard copy work can be limited, whether in its print run or display. Creating demand for your art can be as simple as transforming it into a hard copy poster with a limited run. A poster printing service is far different from a download. Instead it is a company that will work with you to present your work in the highest-quality format, without the compression and distortion that so often comes with displaying artwork online.

April 21, 2009


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