Compression Formats in Linux Shell Script

Compression Formats in Linux Shell Script

Taking snapshots and backups of data are regular tasks we come across. When it comes to a server or large data storage systems, regular backups are important. It is possible to automate backups via shell scripting. Archiving and compression seems to find usage in the everyday life of a system admin or a regular user. There are various compression formats that can be used in various ways so that best results can be obtained.

In this article by Sarath Lakshman, author of Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook, we will cover the following recipes:

* Compressing with gunzip (gzip)
* Compressing with bunzip (bzip)
* Compressing with lzma
* Archiving and compressing with zip
* Heavy compression squashfs fileystem

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Author: Packt Publishing

  • February 1, 2011 12:15 pm
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