How To Photo Manipulate Frosty Ice & Concrete Textures

How To Photo Manipulate Frosty Ice & Concrete Textures

In this tutorial, I'll be elaborating on a Photo Manipulation by Holly Eldon. She entered our Winter Graphic Design Contest with this digital art example, for which we also did a seperate Photoshop tutorial for earlier on in the year, using just the background of this PSD Document as a texture tutorial instead. We'll be showing you how to use frost and ice textures to overlay a concrete background, with items trapped underneath it, most notably someone's hand. In this example, the most clever technique is where a scanner is used to scan somebody elses hand, which creates an effect where it seems the hand is pressed up against the ice.

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Author: Airwalk Design

  • April 14, 2011 3:20 pm
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