Introducing SQL Developer Data Modeler: Part 1

Introducing SQL Developer Data Modeler: Part 1

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is available as an independent product, providing a focused data modeling tool for data architects and designers. There is also a Data Modeler Viewer extension to SQL Developer, which allows users to open previously created data models and to create read-only models of their database schemas. SQL Developer Data Modeler is a vast tool, supporting the design of logical Entity Relationship Diagrams, and relational models, with forward and reverse engineering capabilities between the two. It supports multi-dimensional, data flow, data type, and physical models, and allows files to be imported from a variety sources and exported to a variety of destinations. It allows users to set naming conventions and verify designs using a set of predefined design rules. Each of these topics is extensive, so in this two-part article by Sue Harper we'll review a few of the areas, illustrating how you can use them and highlight a few key features, using the independent, stand alone release of SQL Developer Data Modeler. We'll include a brief review of the integration points of the Data Modeler Viewer extension to SQL Developer. The product offers support for Oracle and non-Oracle Databases. In the interest of time and space, we have elected to only work with the Oracle database.

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Author: janices

  • January 5, 2010 1:12 pm
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