Office 2010 - Introduction

Office 2010 - Introduction

It's a challenge anyone in the movie industry can probably relate to: How do you follow-up an absolute, no-holds-barred, smash? And that issue, too, is most likely the impetus behind Microsoft's surprisingly funny Office 2010: The Movie promotion, in which the company is touting its upcoming office productivity suite as if it were a Hollywood summer blockbuster. Office 2010, following hot on the heels of Office 2007 (see my review), has a lot to live up to. And now that we've pretty much gotten over the innovative but jarring ribbon UI--it's been formally added to virtually all Office applications and services now--there's only one question remaining, and in the context of Microsoft Office, it's sort of a classic: How, exactly, do you improve on a product line that is as mature and full-featured as Office?

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Author: admin

  • July 29, 2009 5:33 pm
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