Using Nginx as a Reverse Proxy

Using Nginx as a Reverse Proxy

Nginx is an open source high-performance web server, which has gained quite some popularity recently. Due to its modular architecture and small footprint, it has been the default choice for a lot of smaller Web 2.0 companies to be used as a load-balancing proxy server. It supports most of the existing backend web protocols such as FCGI, WSGI, and SCGI.

In this article by Dipankar Sarkar, author of Nginx 1 Web Server Implementation Cookbook, we will cover:

* Using Nginx as a simple reverse proxy
* Setting up a rails site using Nginx as a reverse proxy
* Setting up correct reverse proxy timeouts
* Setting up caching on the reverse proxy
* Using multiple backends for the reverse proxy
* Serving CGI files using thttpd and Nginx
* Setting up load balancing with reverse proxy
* Splitting requests based on various conditions using split-clients

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Author: Packt Publishing

  • May 25, 2011 12:29 pm
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