Why Every Business Needs to Invest in SEO

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Businesses function as long as they continue making sales. Marketing is crucial for sales and SEO has become crucial for marketing. Here is why:

You Can’t Ignore 4.57 Billion People

The Internet is one market where you will find this many people, including your potential customers. Even if you ignore it, your competitors won’t. An SEO analyst can help you see potential opportunities here.

Search Engines are the Primary Source of Web Traffic

The Internet starts with a search engine for these billions of people. You have to work with search engines to reach your audience on the internet and bring them to your website where they can be converted to lead and nurtured to become a customer. For that, you can either rank in search engines or use pay-per-click advertisement. 

Paid Advertisement is Expensive

Every visitor that comes through an advertisement is expensive because you are charged per click. There is no guarantee that the visitor will become a customer. 

SEO Brings Long-Term Organic Results

SEO helps you rank in results pages for relevant keywords that your audience searches on the internet. You are not charged for any click or view. Search Engine Optimization helps you reach and maintain that position.

May 8, 2020


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